Updated Policies Indonesia 20 March 2020 due to the COVID-19 Outbreak

Government of the Republic of Indonesia has continue to stipulate some additional policies regarding the prevention of Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, as follows:

1. Free Visit Visa (Bebas Visa Kunjungan or BVK), Visa on Arrival, and Free Diplomatic/Official are suspended for 1 (one) month.

All foreigner from all countries and will visit Indonesia are required to make visa application to Indonesian Representative by enclosing a Health Certificate that issued by health authority in each countries.

2. Policies towards Republic of China have been prevailing according to:

a. Official statement of Ministry of Foreign Affair on 2 February 2020, (https://kemlu.go.id/portal/id/read/1128/siaran_pers/pernyataan-pers- kemlu-tentang-update-pemulangan-wni-dari-wuhan-serta-kebijakan-pemri- mengenai-pendatangtraveler-dari-rrt)
b. Regulation of Ministry of Law and Human Rights Number 7 of 2020, (https://www.imigrasi.go.id/uploads/14-15-07- PERMENKUMHAM_NOMOR_7_TAHUN_2020_TENTANG_PEMBERIAN_VISA_D AN_IZIN_TINGGAL_DALAM_UPAYA_PENCEGAHAN_MASUKNYA_VIRUS_CORO NA.pdf)

3. Policies towards South Korea for City of Daegu and Province of Gyeongsakbu-do have been prevailing according to official statement of Ministry of Foreign Affair on
5 March 2020, (https://kemlu.go.id/portal/id/read/1104/berita/indonesian- government-policy-on-the-development-of-covid-19-outbreak)

4. The prohibition of entry/transit for incoming visitors/travelers that in the last 14 days have been traveled in the following cities/regions:

a. Iran;
b. Italia;
c. Vatican;
d. Spain;
e. France;
f. Germany;
g. Swiss; and
h. United Kingdom.

5. All visitors/travelers must fill out and submit a Health Alert Card prior to the entrance of the Indonesian International Airport. If the travel history shows that

visitors/travelers had traveled to aforementioned cities/regions in the last 14 days, then may not be granted to entry Republic of Indonesia’s territory.

6. Extension of stay permit for visitors/travelers who currently reside in Indonesia and has expired, then the arrangement is regard under Regulation of Ministry of Law and Human Rights Number 7 of 2020.

7. For Limited stay permit (“Izin Tinggal Terbatas” or ITAS) or (“Izin Tinggal Tetap” or ITAP) holders and holders of diplomatic/official stay permits currently reside abroad and their entry permits would be expire, the arrangements are also in regard under Regulation of Ministry of Law and Human Rights Number 7 of 2020.

8. Policies would be effective on Friday, 20 March 2020 at 00.00 West Indonesia Time.

Resource: Government of Republic of Indonesia’s official statement by Ministry of Foreign Affair, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0tB-Z0OmV8&feature=youtu.be)

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