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Who is Eligible for Granting Permanent Stay Permit?

A Permanent Stay Permit Card or KITAP is one of stay permits for foreigner in Indonesia. KITAP can be considered as the pre-step for becoming an Indonesian Citizen according to the Indonesian Immigration Act, the validity of KITAP allowing foreigners to live in Indonesia for 5 years which make it different with Limited Stay Permit Card or KITAS.

Unlike KITAP, the validity of KITAS allows foreigners to live in Indonesia for a maximum of 2 years. It obligates them to renew it every year once the permit expires if they still want to stay in Indonesia. In other words, if you are a KITAP holder you would not have to extend it every year like KITAS, this means by obtaining KITAP you will not be required to do a photo and biometric session in the Immigration Office every year. It sounds simpler than KITAS, but please note in order to obtain KITAP you must have a KITAS first and should be renewed for at least 3 times, for Director KITAS, before you apply for a KITAP.

So as to achieve KITAP, it also requires you to have a sponsor. Parties that are eligible to be a sponsor are spouse and company. For a foreign investor, directors or foreigner with highest position who works in Indonesian company, are eligible to obtain KITAP once they have been working with the same company for three years in a row in the same position, which should be proved eligibility with supporting documentation.

Apart from the obligation to go to immigration every year to extend the permit, there is also another significant benefit of the KITAP; you will get an Indonesian ID which valid for 5 years, the foreigners also can obtain bank accounts, credit cards even loans. Referring to Article 9 of Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 12 of 2006 after securing KITAP for 2 times which mean foreigner already lived in Indonesia for 10 years in a row, the foreigner has a right for citizenship by applying to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

Is every foreigner eligible to obtain KITAP?

Unfortunately, not everyone can apply for KITAP, below the list of a foreigner who is eligible to obtain for KITAP:

  1. Foreigner who’s married to an Indonesian Spouse

Foreigners who married to an Indonesian Citizen can apply for KITAP when you have been married for at least 2 years. However, before applying for KITAP, you must have KITAS first.

  • Retirement

Many retirees want to leave their country and spend their retirement in Indonesia. Please note the core requirement to apply for a retirement KITAP is age, you must be above 55 years of age and previously held a retirement visa for 4 years in a row before applying for a KITAP.

  • Foreign Investor, Director, and Foreigner with highest position.

Usually, Investor and Expatriate which work in Indonesia are a KITAS holder. Still, instead of having your KITAS renew every year, there is good news for those who have worked in Indonesia for the last 4 years in a row, consistently had a work permit (IMTA) and held the job position of Director or other highest position at the same company are entitled to apply for KITAP! Therefore, the foreigners should have been using for KITAS as an Investor and a director first for three consecutive years, and after that, you can convert it into KITAP.

Please note that the individual or company who became your sponsor becomes legally responsible for you in case of any mishaps as long as you hold the KITAP and are in the territory of Indonesia.

Which documents are needed in order to obtain KITAP?

KITAP is by far the most effective and stress-free visa foreigners can apply for because it will save your time and no more lot of paper works to renew it every year. But it also one of the hardest a visa to attain, to apply for it you need to prepare a lot of documents which required to obtain KITAP, such as:

1.    A Valid Passport;

2.    Current KITAS;

3.    Current Civil Registration (STM/SKTT);

4.    Sponsor and Application Letter; and

5.    Legal Documents of Sponsor.

After you completed all required documents or attachments as listed above, the next step is submitting the documents of the KITAP application to Immigration and an on-site visit by the Immigration Officer.

Is it eligible for KITAP holder to work in Indonesia?

Referring to Article 61 of Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 6 of 2011 concerning Immigration, the foreigner who holds KITAP has the right to work to earn a living for the family. The foreigner can choose to work as an entrepreneur or decide to work for a company as an employee. For foreigners who decide to work as an entrepreneur, you require to comply with prevailing law and regulation in making business in Indonesia, while for foreigners who work for a company as an employee should obtain a work permit such as RPTKA-IMTA. For foreigners who hold KITAP sponsored by Spouse and work for a company as an employee is allowed to, and in such cases, the company will become the sponsor only for the work permit. In contrast, the sponsor for KITAP will remain by the Indonesian Spouse.

Author: S. Puti D.

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